This privacy policy will handle :
- personal data collected by using the “contact” query of the present website of Designer Outlet Hautmont managed by ROS Retail Outlet Shopping GmbH
- in a general manner and for informative purpose : personal data that may be collected when you are entering into a business or investment relationship with a company member of ROS Retail Outlet Shopping GmbH
- Cookies that are implemented while browsing the Website


1.1 : When completing a “contact” query on this website
The Publisher may collect the following personal data from you if you complete a “contact” query:
- first name/last name
- e-mail address
- any other personal data that you may voluntarily communicate

1.2 : When entering into a business or investment relationship with a company member of  ROS Retail Outlet Shopping GmbH
When you enter into a business or investment Relationship, the following personal data may be collected :
- first name/last name
- contact details

Additionally, for brand partners/retailers only:
- all personal data strictly in connection with the leasing, either directly from you or from the company you are working for.

Additionally, for suppliers only :
- all personal data in connection with the provision of the goods and services, either directly from you or from the company you are working for.


When you are completing a “contact” query on the Website or entering into a business or investment relationship with any company of the ROS Retail Outlet Shopping GmbH, you expressly accept that your personal data may be collected by, or on behalf of the companies members of ROS Retail Outlet Shopping GmbH


3.1 : personal data collected through the “contact” query
By completing a “contact-us” query on the present website, you allow us to use your personal data to handle your demand and be able to answer you.
Moreover and subject to obtaining your consent, your personal data will be processed in order to send you commercial prospection by ROS Retail Outlet Shopping GmbH in relation to its products and services. 

3.2 : personal data collected through a business or investment relationship
The personal data collected in those cases will be used in order to perform the business or investment relationship or to study the opportunity to enter into one. 

- for brand partners/retailers :
Personal data will notably be used to evaluate the opportunity to enter into a lease and to manage the contractual relation with the retailers.

- for suppliers :
Personal data will notably be used in order to manage the provision of good and/or services.

The legal basis is the performance of a contract or of the investment relationship. 


4.1 : personal data collected through the “contact” query
Your personal data will be kept for a maximum duration of two years from the collection. 

4.2 : personal data collected through a business or investment relationship
Any personal data collected by entering into a contractual or investment relationship will be kept for the duration of the performance of the contract or the investment. 


Pursuant to all applicable laws, you have the right to ask for access, rectification, opposition, limitation or portability of your Personal data as described below :
- to access your personal data to ensure that personal information is up-to-date, accurate and complete.
- For legitimate purposes, to ask for rectification; to oppose or demand the limitation of the processing of your personal data.
- to receive, upon request, all your personal data in a structured and standard format
- to give instructions regarding the further processing of your personal data after your death
For all the above cases, please send an e-mail at the following address:

May you have a complaint about the way ROS Retail Outlet Shopping GmbH process your data, you may lodge a formal complaint with the competent data protection authority. 

Österreichische Datenschutzbehörde
Wickenburggasse 8
1080 Wien

T. +43 1 52 152-0


Your information are strictly confidential and will never be transferred to a third party for commercial and/or promotional purpose. 

6.1 : Sharing your personal data for maintenance and administration of the Website
Your personal information collected by the “contact-us” query of the Website may be transferred to our service provider for maintenance and administration purposes:
The servers of our Service Provider are located in Austria. Such transfer to Austria benefits from an adequate level of protection since ROS Retail Outlet Shopping has entered into standard contractual clauses as adopted by the GDPR

6.2 : Sharing your personal data for the handling of the investment relationship
ROS Retail Outlet Shopping entrust third party companies for the handling of the investment relationship to which the personal data, mentioned in article 1.2, may be transferred for the performance of the above-mentioned relationship. The servers of such companies will be located in the European Economic Area. 

6.3 : Disclosure for legal reasons
Your personal data may be disclosed in order to comply with the law, upon valid legal request of the relevant authorities (e.g. summons, or court order). 
The validity of such request will be assessed before any disclosure, especially if such request comes from a country outside the European Union. 

6.4 : Change of Ownership.
If ROS Retail Outlet Shopping GmbH, or any of the companies members of the Group, is involved in a merger, acquisition, dissolution, or sale of all or a portion of its assets, we reserve the right to transfer your personal information. You will be notified via email and/or a prominent notice on the Website of any change in ownership and choices you may have regarding your personal information.


If we receive personal information about you that we did not ask for either directly from you, from someone on your behalf, or through someone on our behalf, and we determine that we could have collected this information from you had we asked for it, we will take reasonable steps to notify you, as soon as practicable, that we have collected your personal information. If we could not have collected this personal information, we will lawfully de-identify or destroy that personal information. Any unsolicited information provided by you, someone on your behalf or someone on our behalf, will be used for the purposes for which it was provided. 


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The protection of your personal data is important for us. Your personal information are collected, stored, processed and transferred for the strict purposes for which it has been collected and according to the strict rules established in the ROS Retail Outlet Shopping Privacy Policy that is in line with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
ROS Retail Outlet Shopping implements all the necessary technical and organizational security measures, in line with the GDPR, in order to protect the personal data we collect against accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction and unauthorized accesses. The ROS Retail Outlet Shopping GmbH’s Information Security Management System is continuously reviewed and adapted to the cyber-threats evolution. 


The present privacy policy relates to our current privacy standards which may be modified. Any change will take effect from publication of the last updated version of the Privacy Policy. 


Last Update 7th November 2018